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“A Cross-Disciplinary Transmutable Application of Interactive, Immersive 360 Virtual Reality Videos on a Learning Management System (LMS) Combined with Facilitated Structured 3D Debriefing- an Innovative Experiential Learning Pedagogy in Enhancing Student Learning Engagement” project

March 22 @ 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm HKT


Date: 22 March 2024 (Friday)
Time: 1:00pm – 2:00pm (HK time)
Venue: Learning Lab (RRS321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus, HKU)
Speaker: Dr. John T.C. Fung, Senior Lecturer, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine (Leader), HKU

  • Dr. Siu Ling Chan, Senior Lecturer, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU
  • Dr. Vichy W.C. Ho, Senior Lecturer, School of Chinese, HKU
  • Mr. Chun Kit Chan, Assistant Lecturer, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, HKU
  • Dr. Alice H.Y. Yau, Lecturer, CAES, HKU

Facilitator: Dr. Jessica To, Lecturer, TALIC, HKU


While Nursing, CAES, and Chinese education programs have distinct curricula, they share the common goal of developing students’ intellectual, linguistic, and subject-specific skills to prepare them for professional success. Interdisciplinary teaching methods across these disciplines help students cultivate effective communication, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability to diverse professional settings. The integration of immersive 360 VR technology has shown promise in enhancing nursing students’ clinical competence. Our study investigated the impact of immersive 360 VR videos on nursing students’ clinical skills, engagement, and simulation effectiveness, revealing significant improvements in clinical competence and professional behaviors post-intervention. This research underscores the potential of immersive 360 VR videos to enhance nursing education and improve students’ overall clinical competency. Additionally, our Nursing team’s pioneering work in 360 VR innovation has led to valuable insights on the impact of this technology on student learning outcomes and curriculum development, demonstrating statistically significant improvements in students’ clinical competence, professional behaviors, core nursing skills, self-efficacy, and teaching and learning practices.

About the speaker

Dr. John Tai-Chun Fung, RN, DN, is a Senior Lecturer at the esteemed School of Nursing at the University of Hong Kong. He earned his Doctor of Nursing degree from the University of Hong Kong, where he actively participated in curriculum development and conducted groundbreaking randomized controlled trials from 2012 to 2016. Dr. Fung’s exceptional contributions to teaching excellence were recognized with the prestigious Teaching Innovation Award in 2020 and 2023 and the Outstanding Teaching Award in 2023, bestowed upon him by the University of Hong Kong. He was also nominated for the coveted UGC Teaching Award in 2021 and 2024. In 2023, he was appointed Chair of the Quality and Safety Committee.

Dr. Fung’s research expertise encompasses simulation-based education, including Virtual Simulation, Virtual Reality, 360 VR, high-fidelity simulation, GenAI, internationalization, cultural competence, curriculum development, and community and global health nursing. A passionate advocate for leveraging simulation technology to recreate real-world healthcare environments, his Virtual Simulation education program has significantly enhanced students’ clinical competence and provided valuable evidence supporting the use of simulation to supplement clinical training hours. Dr. Fung is dedicated to advancing innovative teaching and learning practices, focusing on the impact of simulation-based education on undergraduate nursing students’ clinical competence. He has spearheaded pioneering research on virtual simulation and debriefing techniques, which the university has widely adopted. His current research initiatives include a large-scale intervention study involving integrating 360 VR technology with an innovative learning management system, collaborating with the School of English and Chinese, the School of Chinese Medicine, and the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Polytechnic University. Dr. Fung leads a cross-university project promoting peer-to-peer pedagogy in simulation-based education and plays a pivotal role in a cross-faculty collaboration on virtual reality development under the UGC TDLEG initiative. Additionally, he is the coordinator for the Faculty of Medicine’s cutting-edge Student in Medical Education (SIMSE) initiative, which is focused on enhancing student engagement in teaching and curriculum development through Generative AI. Dr. Fung’s expertise in debriefing has been instrumental in providing innovative training workshops at HKUSON to educate and empower colleagues in debriefing and virtual simulation techniques.


March 22
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm HKT
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