Tips for Setting up New Moodle Courses

What is Moodle

Moodle is an open-source learning management system (LMS) that facilitates online education, enabling course creation, administration, tracking, and collaborative learning for educators and students worldwide. Moodle has been used as the official LMS in the University of Hong Kong.

What Moodle Can Do

  • Course Files Sharing

    Moodle allows educators to share course files with students seamlessly.

  • Collaboration

    It facilitates both student-group and student-teacher collaboration through various tools like Wikis, Blogs, and Forums.

  • Assessment

    Moodle provides various types of assessment tools, such as quizzes and assignments.

  • Feedback and Survey

    Beyond the typical teaching tools, Moodle allows educators to gather feedback and conduct surveys for continuous improvement.

Accessing HKU Moodle

You and students can access HKU Moodle via the “My eLearning” tab in the HKU Portal (Link). To access HKU Moodle on mobile platforms, users can download the HKU App, available for both Android and Apple iOS. Once installed, users can log in using their HKU Portal account to access Moodle functionalities on the go.

Moodle Functions that a Teacher Should Learn

Keep In Contact with Your Students

All announcements published on the Moodle courseware will be sent to students’ HKU Connect email accounts. Please encourage your students to check their email account for course announcements. If you have a Moodle course, you may conduct online discussions on Moodle’s forums (video) or chatroom (video) to facilitate student interaction.

Utilize HKU Libraries’ Electronic Resources

HKU Libraries has a large collection of electronic resources, including e-books, e-journals and academic articles. You can build a list of recommended readings using ReadingList@HKUL and embed the list in your Moodle course. If you need assistance, please contact librarians via Ask-a-librarian.

How to Get Help

For assistance or to learn more about Moodle’s functionalities, teachers can access online support resources (, including h and You can also contact eLearning Support Staff from ITS for help ( or