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For HKU students and staff :

  • Mahara is a fully featured electronic portfolio system.
  • Users can collect, organize, display and reflect on their entire learning experience while receiving useful feedback.
  • Users can create journals or blogs, upload files, embed social media resources from the web, insert external media (e.g., YouTube) and sources (Google Apps), collaborate with others, and build résumé.
  • Users can store a range of digital artefacts: text, image (jpeg, tif, png, gif), audio (wav, mp3, mp4), PowerPoint (ptt), Word Document (doc), Portable Document Format (pdf), and Excel (xls), etc.
  • Moodle’s hosted integration with open-source Mahara with open-source Mahara e-portfolio provides valuable resume building, workforce development and social networking tools.

Source: Flavin et al. (2018),

User Interface

The Dashboard of Mahara
Editing a portfolio
Privacy setting

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Mahara e-portfolio overview

Mahara introduction video

Mahara 19.10

Why do we need Mahara when we have Moodle?

Mahara ePortfolio as practice

Student Portfolios for Classroom Assessment

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