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For HKU teachers and staff:

  • Panopto is the leading online video platform.
  • It supports recording from mobile devices, or audio and video input from laptop synchronized with Microsoft PowerPoint presentation and desktop screen
  • The recorded file can be edited through a browser, shared to other users for viewing or providing comments, and can output into different formats e.g. MP4 or Podcast.
  • Live lectures can be used to interact and engage with content, without the pressure of taking notes.
  • Students can record their presentations, share their presentation recordings with others and invite their teachers to review and provide comments on the presentations.
  • The data collected from the Panopto recording platform provide information on the time and date each registered student accesses the online recordings. This includes how often a student watches the recording and how long each student spends watching each recording.


User Interface

Panopto interface for a viewer
Panopto recorder interface
Panopto automatically synchronize the slides with the narrated presentation

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