Technological Tools

Playposit (formerly known as eduCanon)


  • It is an application used to make interactive videos, known as bulbs.
  • The basic plan is free of charge, allowing educators to create unlimited bulbs, monitor students’ progress, have access to a repository of videos, and the capability to share contents with colleagues.
  • It can integrate seamlessly within users’ existing learning management system (LMS) and video host provider.
  • A variety of assessment measures, including multiple-choice, free response, reflective pause, discussion forum, polling survey, check all (that apply), fill blank, website, and web embed.

Source: Shahrokni, S. A. (2018).

User Interface

Editing video and adding questions
Student view
Data and grading

Literature and other sources

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Playposit – Overview

Building a Bulb

Data and Grading on the Monitor Page

Profile and User Settings

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