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  • Prezi is a cloud-based platform to build presentations and access them on the Internet allowing easy editing from any device and simple, collaborative working.
  • Prezi’s map-like canvas format and heavy reliance on animation (see the Background section and for examples) might facilitate visuospatial processing, conceptual understanding, and narrative storytelling.
  • Entry is supported by a broad range of Prezi templates where all of the visuals, layout, text, and colour has been completed.
  • Users can add the content of their presentation, any additional frames, pictures, video, or amend the view path—moving or zooming sideways, backwards, or rotating the entire canvas.
  • Use Prezi Video for remote meetings, webinars, trainings—or just to explain something you’re passionate about.

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User Interface

User interface just after login
Different categories of Presentation templates
Editing a presentation video

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