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  • It is a free educational website for educators and learners.
  • It allows users to make use of the educational videos from TED Talks or any YouTube hosted video and easily creates a customized lesson around the video.
  • Each lesson plan includes four sections: “Watch” (visual learning), “Think” (true–false questions, multiple choice, and open-ended questions), “Dig Deeper” (additional links and resources for those who prefer verbal learning), and “Discuss” (social learning between seniors and trainees).
  • As students discuss and answer questions about the video, a teacher can respond privately and individually. There is also a written record of the discussion and exchange which can be referenced as an assessment tool.

Source: Jendoubi, A. (2017),

User Interface

The platform TED-Ed
The TED-Ed lesson editor
1. Lesson Title
2. Let’s Begin
3. add questions
Online discussion forum:
Trainee–trainee and trainee–senior interactions

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