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  • Trello is free and are available as a web based application, as well as an app through google play store and Apple store app.
  • It can help break large projects into manageable parts.
  • Users can create multiple personal and group boards to keep track of items and updates using lists and cards that can be moved across the screen.
  • Trello can be helpful in assisting students in planning and determining the steps necessary to complete complex projects. Teachers and advisors can also monitor progress on shared boards.
  • The best part is Trello’s collaboration-ability – boards can be viewed, edited, and managed by multiple members so classmates, teams, or families can keep track of everything and everyone in a really intuitive and visually appealing way.

Source: Ray, N. (2016)

User Interface

A board for a project (to-do lists from the right to the left)
Adding members by emails or usernames into a team
Attaching files into a comment

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