Technological Tools



  • Weava is a productivity tool available as a browser extension and an iOS mobile application that supports anyone who reads online.
  • Users can highlight information directly on websites and PDFs, annotate the highlights, organize research in folders, generate and export citations, clip images, and collaborate with others.
  • Weava is a valuable tool for students to conduct and write research efficiently. It is also an effective teaching tool for teachers to pre-highlight class readings, save and share articles and reports, and annotate questions and feedback on the reading materials to engage students.

User Interface

Highlight and annotate on website
Highlight and annotate on PDFs
Access and manage highlights and notes on the browser sidebar
Create folders and subfolders to organize research
Generate and export citations and references

Literature and other sources

How to highlight with Weava

How to annotate on highlights with Weava

How to organize research with Weava

Video introduction to Weava – Research Efficiently

Video tutorial – How to use Weava for research

Link to more resources and tips

Link to FAQs and other Customer Support

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