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Friday 14 June 2024
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Developing, Assessing and Providing Direct Evidence of Student Learning in Generic Skills in the Context of Engineering Higher Education in Hong Kong

Researchers: Dr. Cecilia Chan, Dr. Theresa Kwong, Prof. Neil Mickleborough, Prof. Isabella Poon, Prof. Will Ng, Dr. Rosanna Chan, Prof. Michael Kwong

Funding body: Special Funding for Teaching & Learning from the University Grants Committee

Timeline: 2015 – 2017

The proposed project aims to develop a systematic process and an effective mechanism for documenting and analyzing direct evidence of student generic skills competency within a specific discipline – Engineering, in Hong Kong universities is timely. In order for education practitioners to gain a deeper understanding on how to facilitate students’ learning, direct and indirect evidence of student learning will be triangulated, such that survey data on students’ perception of generic skills development in their university learning experience will be collected in addition to direct evidence of their generic skills competency. A framework on how to collect and evaluate evidence to enhance the quality of student learning for generic skills competency will be investigated and developed. This project will also build and strengthen a community of practice for fostering and advancing the development and assessment of generic skills in Hong Kong higher education.