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Wednesday 17 July 2024
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Enhancement & Research

The Enhancement and Research portfolio provides consultations and courses to enhance teaching and learning (T&L) particularly topical areas with strategic importance. These include seminars, workshops and opportunities for faculty development, support in innovation with regard to improving pedagogies and curriculum design, conducting rigorous research to back our efforts in implementing new educational policies and initiatives as well as contribute towards the scholarship of T&L.

Much of what we do is supported by and contributes to the scholarship of teaching and learning, as part of our work to advocate for and be leaders in both in educational practices and research. Our centre has published extensively on many important T&L areas, such as assessment and feedback, higher education policy, competencies development, digital learning, teacher education, and more. Upholding high standards of research, our research has been published in high-ranking and high impact factor journals as well. With our past and on-going research projects frequently involving collaborations with local and international educators and academics, we seek to make meaningful contributions to educational enhancement and research in Hong Kong’s higher education and beyond.


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