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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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Key Practices of Leadership for Service in Hong Kong

Researchers: Prof. Robin Snell, Dr. Tracy Zou, Ms. Maureen Chan

Funding body: Lingnan University Service Leadership Initiative (HKD 20,000)

Timeline: 2015 – 2016

Qualitative research will be undertaken to identify the powerful, useful ways in which Hong Kong based managers within service organizations are able to design and manage habitats for leadership and service transactions that involve:

  • Active listening and open dialogue with service-recipients and other related stakeholders;
  • Careful and accurate diagnosis and conceptualization of service needs;
  • Development of clear and challenging service propositions to meet diagnosed service needs;
  • Reliable operationalization and delivery of service leadership at all levels;
  • Systematic evaluation and identification of areas for improvement (drawing on feedback from service-recipients) at all levels of service leadership.

The research will also identify the processes through which expertise in service leadership practices and commitment to service leadership values are learned and developed individually and organisationally.