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Tuesday 16 July 2024
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CETL Tips of the Week – Critical Elements of Effective Communication

Critical Elements of 
Ef fective Communication
Contributed by Michael Campion, Partner, Quinlan and Associate

Communication skills are essential for learners to be able to collaborate and work with their peers and to help them navigate their future workplace. Here are six critical elements of effective communication.

  1. Content and Clarity
    Be prepared, be clear, and have a good understanding of what you want to say to avoid losing track of the topic.
  2. Confidence and Body Language
    It is critical to project your message with confidence and conviction. Posture, hand gestures, stance, and facial expressions influence your communication.
  3. Correct Medium
    Be conscious of using different communication mediums. Emails, social media, phone calls, and in-person meetings can be leveraged for different reasons.
  4. Empathy and Friendliness
    Put yourself in the shoes of the person you are communicating with and understand their position. A warm and friendly tone, coupled with a smile, instantly makes you more likable.
  5. Respect and Open-mindedness
    Actively listen to and respect other ideas. Be open-minded to encourage open and honest dialogue.
  6. Interaction
    Encourage feedback and questions, and provide praise where appropriate.


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