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Thursday 13 June 2024
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CETL Tips of the Week – SAMR Model for COIL

SAMR Model for COIL

Collaborative Online International Learning, or COIL, is a learning and teaching methodology based on interaction and collaboration through online technology. In this infographics, we will explore an instructional design model SAMR (Puentedura, 2009) to guide you in applying technology to redesign your COIL course.

  • Substitution is when technology acts as a direct substitute but no functional change. For example, if you use paper-based activity for F2F, you can replace it with web-based technology like online word documents for your collaborative online course.
  • Augmentation is when technology acts as a direct substitute for functional improvement. For example, you may add hyperlinks or embed interactive videos in your online word document to allow the students to explore the learning activity further.
  • Modification is when technology enhances the activity to alter the learning task significantly. For example, you can consider using an online collaborative app like Miro, which will not only allow students to do the task but also work together.
  • Redefinition is when technology fundamentally transforms the previously impossible activity in the classroom. For example, virtual meeting platforms or hybrid classrooms will allow students from different locations to collaborate and communicate synchronously.
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