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Sunday 19 May 2024
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CETL Reflection of the week

How can we motivate students in online learning?

How can we motivate students in online learning? Self-determination theory suggests that we can motivate students best by meeting their needs for autonomy, relatedness, and competence. This week’s reflections are based on research that suggests what actions teachers can take and how they can leverage the affordances of the online learning environment to meet these needs:


Students’ needs Actions teachers can take Affordances of the learning environment teachers can leverage
Autonomy Teachers consider student perspective allowing for choice around learning, giving a rationale, and avoiding the use of controlling or guilt-inducing language The online environment offers and recommends various digital resources and indicates relevance to students
Relatedness Teachers provide students with emotional and motivational support (e.g., involvement, closeness, acceptance, and help) The online environment includes personal and emotional designs and communication to promote positive atmosphere
Competence Teachers provide effective guidance during lessons, expressing confidence in students’ abilities, and giving relevant feedback The online environment offers level-up exercises and interactive learning materials where students can track their progress
Chiu, Thomas K.F. (2021). Digital support for student engagement in blended learning based on self-determination theory. Computers in Human Behavior. 124.