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Sunday 19 May 2024
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Curriculum Internationalisation in the Common Core


Co-organized by
the Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning and the Common Core Curriculum Office

Details of the workshop:
Date : March 22 (Tuesday), 2016
Time : 12:00 noon – 2:00 p.m.
Venue : Room 321 & 322, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building
Hot lunch will be provided.

During the first Join-the-Conversation in January, we successfully outlined eight learning challenges and opportunities associated with internationalisation in HKU. In this event, we shall be specifically focussing on one area – Internationalisation in the HKU curriculum. Taking the Common Core Curriculum (CCC) as an example, we attempt to touch on a range of important issues. How much ‘internationalisation’ do we find in CCC courses? In what ways does the CCC integrate the notion of internationalisation and global perspectives? What are some of the effective approaches to facilitating a multicultural learning environment among students from a range of disciplines and cultural backgrounds?

This interactive event will largely be based on a panel discussion consisting of four Common Core teachers who will be sharing their approaches to internationalising the curriculum. We shall also present some of our preliminary findings regarding useful approaches and give interesting examples of curriculum internationalisation according to our literature review and the informal interviews we have conducted with 14 Common Core teachers at HKU. Copies of a briefing with case examples from HKU and elsewhere will be distributed during the event.


  • Dr. Stacey Cherny – Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine
    Course coordinator of ‘The Evolution of Civilization’ (CCGL9042)
  • Dr. Tony Shien-Ping Feng – Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering
    Course coordinator of ‘Energy: Its Evolution and Environmental Impacts’ (CCST9016)
  • Dr. Hugo Horta – Assistant Professor, Division of Policy, Administration and Social Sciences Education, Faculty of Education
    Course coordinator of ‘Poverty, Development, and the Next Generation: Challenges for a Global World’ (CCGL9005)
  • Professor Gina Marchetti – Department of Comparative Literature, Faculty of Arts
    Course coordinator of ‘Hong Kong Cinema through a Global Lens’ (CCGL9001) and Convener of Global Issues, Common Core Curriculum


  • Professor Grahame Bilbow – Director, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning
  • Professor Gray Kochhar-Lindgren – Director, Common Core Curriculum
  • Dr. Tracy Zou – Assistant Professor, Centre for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning

Online Registration

For information on registration, please contact:
Ms. Noranda Zhang , CETL
Phone: 3917 4729; Email: noranda@hku.hk​