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Sunday 23 June 2024
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Students as Partners: Community of Practice Seminar

Students as Partners: Community of Practice Seminar
Co-ogranised by Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre, and Faculty of Dentistry

Details of the Event:

Date : 4 June 2024 (Tuesday)
Time : 12:30pm – 1:30pm
* Notes: SaP mentors and speakers are available for project consultation and chat after the seminar. Participants can reserve a seat for consultation and chat during registration.
Venue : Learning Lab (RRS 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus, HKU)
Speakers (in presenting order):

  • Mr. Marco Lee, Senior Pharmacist, Primary Care Services Development Manager, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Dr. Pauline Luk, Lecturer, Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Mr. Alan Lim, Student, MBBS Class of 2026, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Ms. Michelle Lam, Student, MBBS Class of 2026, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Ms. Suki Lam, Senior Student Advising Officer, CEDARS-CoPE
  • Ms. Stephanie Tang, Counselling Psychologist, CEDARS-CoPE
  • Ms. Wong Hiu Yuet, Angel, Student, first-year Psychology student, Faculty of Social Sciences

Facilitator: Prof. Michael Botelho, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Dentistry, HKU


Seminar Rundown
This mixed session begins with three SaP initiative presentations, followed by a 30-60 minute consultation and discussion period facilitated by Dr. Peter Lau from TALIC. Participants can approach mentors for further guidance.

12:30pm – 1:30pm SaP Presentation
1:30pm – 2:30pm Consultation and Chat


Engaging Bachelor of Pharmacy Students as Partners in Teaching and Learning: Establishment of Online Learning Activity in Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements play a significant role in public health, and their use is widespread in Hong Kong. To date, complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) have not been extensively included in the current clinical pharmacy teaching curriculum yet. In view of this, Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) students incorporated the “Students as Partners” concept into teaching and learning, creating an interactive web-based E-learning platform called “SuppleMentors” to promote CAM education.
The platform features engaging short educational videos on selected dietary supplements, allowing participants the flexibility to engage in self-directed learning at their convenience, fostering an enjoyable and relaxed experience. Using Outcomes-Based Approaches to Student Learning (OBASL), post-activity quizzes consolidate students’ learning outcomes, enabling them to apply the knowledge acquired through the E-learning activity. This project aims to bridge the gap between complementary and alternative medicines (CAM) and mainstream clinical pharmacy education, equipping students with valuable knowledge and skills for their future practice while also fostering a sense of ownership in the Bachelor of Pharmacy (BPharm) program.
About the Speaker

Mr. Marco Lee
Mr. Marco Lee, currently serving as the Senior Pharmacist (Primary Care Services Development Manager) at HKUMed, is a registered pharmacist in Hong Kong. He obtained both his Bachelor of Pharmacy and Master of Clinical Pharmacy degrees from HKUMed. Prior to joining the University, Mr. Lee held the role of pharmacist-in-charge at a chain community pharmacy in Hong Kong. He is the driving force behind the Pharmacy Experiential Education Programme (PEEP), which aims to enrich pharmacy students’ learning experiences through hands-on activities, preparing them for future careers in pharmacy. As a teacher-practitioner, Mr. Lee advocates for practice-informed learning in pharmacy education. He has successfully secured a Teaching Development Grant to create a student-led, self-directed learning platform focusing on supplements.

Link of the learning platform
Link of videos

Engaging Students as Partners in Gamifying the Medical Humanities Curriculum for Empathy and Community Engagement

Engaging students to take an active role in developing a learning experience that fits their needs and learning preferences can be a challenging task for higher education teachers. This presentation showcases our partnership journey in empowering students to actively participate in curriculum design. Students took the lead in creating an interactive board game that immerses players in the experiences of marginalized individuals. The game addresses healthcare inequalities, fostering empathy and preparing medical students for compassionate practice by deepening their understanding of diverse perspectives.
We will provide tips on engaging students as partners and fostering a collaborative learning environment that encourages community engagement. This approach not only enhances the student learning experience but also contributes to the development of compassionate healthcare professionals. Our aim is to inspire other educators to explore similar approaches in their own teaching practices.
About the Speakers

Dr. Pauline Luk
Dr. Pauline Luk is a lecturer in Medical Ethics and Humanities Unit at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong. With a passion for medical education and the importance of empathy in healthcare, Dr. Luk plays a pivotal role in promoting awareness of healthcare inequality and fostering empathy among future healthcare practitioners. She is actively involved in student-teacher partnerships, co-creating innovative initiatives, including being the supervisor for Redesigning Student Learning Experience in Higher Education (RSLEIHE) in 2022 and 2024.
Mr. Lim Yat Chun, Alan
Mr. Lim Yat Chun, Alan, is a year 4 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student at the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, the University of Hong Kong. He was awarded an intercalated Master’s degree in Demography and Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM). He previously served as an Executive Committee member of the Medical Students Paediatric Association (MSPA) and as a research assistant at the Department of Family Medicine. He has a research interest in population health, particularly in social determinants of health and health justice.
Ms. Michelle Lam
Ms. Michelle Lam is a medical student from the Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong with an intercalated Masters of Science in Global Health Delivery from the University of Global Health Equity. She also holds the role of Liaison Officer for Medical Education Issues at the International Federation of Medical Students’ Associations (IFMSA) where she engages with medical education stakeholders such as WFME, AMEE, and ScholarRx in collaboration to advocate and support medical students in their meaningful involvement within their curriculum.

Peer Impact Network – A Joint Force for Social Inclusion & Peer Support

Peer Impact Network (PIN) celebrates the uniqueness of every individual at HKU and connects all students to break down barriers, promote social inclusion alongside CEDARS-CoPE to cultivate an inclusive community on campus and beyond. With our motto “Connection is Inclusion”, we strongly believe that connection is the key to fostering an inclusive and supportive community. We empower Peer Supporters to connect and support fellow HKU students. We offer complimentary training opportunities on a recurrent basis and ongoing guidance from professionals at CEDARS-CoPE to empower Peer Supporters to put values into actions – from building fundamental knowledge of social inclusion, understanding diverse needs and lived experiences, all the way to practical application skills in supporting peers and breaking barriers. Peer Supporters are given the flexibility to participate in training and services opportunities in 3 main streams, including Cultural Integration, Mental Health, and SEN Awareness. The presentation will give a summary of the programme and its effectiveness in achieving learning outcomes in the Academic Year 23/24.
About the Speakers

Ms. Suki Lam
Ms. Suki Lam is the Senior Student Advising Officer of Counselling and Person Enrichment Section of Centre of Development and Resources for Students (CEDARS-CoPE). She oversees the coordination of Peer Impact Network, person enrichment programmes, psychoeducational campaigns and awareness raising initiatives under the notion of mental wellness, diversity and inclusion.
Ms. Tang Kar Man
Ms. Tang Kar Man, Stephanie is a Counselling Psychologist at CEDARS-CoPE. She has been providing psychological support to students by adopting a strength-based approach. In addition to individual counselling sessions, Ms. Tang is actively involved in engaging with students and raising mental health awareness on campus through Mental Health First Aid training and nurturing peer supporters in the Peer Impact Network.
Ms. Wong Hiu Yuet, Angel
Ms. Wong Hiu Yuet, Angel is a year one student in Psychology who joined the Peer Impact Network programme in the second semester. She has completed all core trainings designed to empower Peer Supporters to put values into actions and is recognised as an “All-rounder”. With a love for people and a great passion for listening, connecting, and understanding them, she engaged in various service opportunities in the programme, including being a Cantonese peer language tutor.
For information, please contact:
Ms. Canice Mok, TALIC
Phone: 3917 6069; Email: tsmok@hku.hk