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Thursday 13 June 2024
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EdTech for All – A Toolkit Series (Spring 2024)

EdTech for All – A Toolkit Series
Organised by Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC)

Series Abstract
In the evolving field of education technology (EdTech), there is a wide range of tools available that offer exciting possibilities. To help educators harness the power of these tools, we are offering a series of workshops that will focus on the most commonly used EdTech tools. Through these workshops, participants will gain a deeper understanding of how these tools can be integrated into their teaching practices, and they will be provided with practical examples of their application in real-world scenarios. This is a unique opportunity to explore and leverage these tools to enhance the educational experience for both teachers and students.
Time : 12:00pm – 1:15pm
Venue : Learning Lab (RRS 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus, HKU)
Speaker: Dr. Leon Lei, Senior E-learning Technologist, TALIC, HKU

[4 & 11 Jan 2024] Collaborative Learning
Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning

The training is designed to equip learners with the knowledge and skills necessary to facilitate socialized learning experiences and effectively utilize digital tools to enhance collaboration among student peers and facilitate students to construct their knowledge via socialized learning.

4 January 2024
Digital whiteboard via Miro, Padlet and Google Slides

  • Creating objects in Miro
  • Peer interactions in Miro
  • Miro templates for effective meetings
  • Team Miro board
  • Sharing of ideas and content in large classes through Padlet

11 January 2024
Peer annotation and feedback via Perusall and Flip
Guest Speaker: Ms. Nicole J. Tavares, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Education, HKU

  • Perusall: Self annotation
  • Perusall: Peer commenting and annotation
  • Alternative text annotation tool: Hypothes.is
  • Flip: Video feedback
  • Flip: Peer commenting

About the Guest Speaker

Ms. Nicole Tavares (FHEA) is Senior Lecturer in the academic unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership at the Faculty of Education. She teaches on BA&BEd, PGDE, MEd and MA programmes, specialising in English language teaching (ELT) methodology and Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL). She is currently MA(TESOL) Programme Director and Coordinator of her Faculty’s English Language Proficiency Tests, a graduation requirement for all BA&BEd(LangEd)s.
Nicole has published in the areas of online teaching and learning, 21st century skills, using educational technologies in promoting teacher development, good ELT and CLIL practices, and Interactive Assessment.
Nicole has received multiple teaching awards, notably the HKU Teaching Innovation Award (2020), her Faculty’s Emergency Remote Teaching Award (2020), and HKU Outstanding Teaching Award (2015). She is keen on experimenting with innovative pedagogies and acknowledged for her creative design of collaborative activities that maximise student voice. She enjoys professional dialogues with educators on how research informs practice and has initiated several professional development activities within her Faculty and beyond.
[18 Jan 2024] Learning with Knowledge Management
Learning with Knowledge Management

Learning with Knowledge Management

Learners will delve into the world of knowledge management with a focus on leveraging the power of Notion and Microsoft OneNote. Throughout the sessions, learners will gain hands-on knowledge management experience with Notion, enabling them to create, maintain, and share their and students’ knowledge efficiently.

18 January 2024
Learning portfolio through OneNote and Notion
Guest speaker: Mr. Nicholas Mo, Assistant Lecturer, CAES, HKU

  • Notion: Collecting what students have learned
  • Notion: Managing students’ knowledge through templates
  • Notion: Showing students’ knowledge publicly
  • Alternative: OneNote

About the Guest Speaker

Mr. Nicholas Mo
Mr. Nicholas Mo is a Hong Kong-based English teacher and an all-rounded technology advocate who enjoys applying and experimenting with technology in his daily life. He started out as a freelance web developer and student videographer at HKU but soon realised the potential of digital technology in leveraging language teaching and learning under the influence of former CAES Senior Lecturer Patrick Desloge. His dual expertise in language education and technology has placed him in UGC-funded campus-wide projects such as The Development of an Online Interactive Learning Resources – Digital CV and Digital & Information Literacy Learning Experience, where he offered insights on language-technology integration for education.
Projects aside, Nicholas is actively involved in promoting digital literacy among teaching staff and students. He has delivered a few presentations on the future of teaching and learning at HKU’s Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC, formerly TELI) and the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong (THEi). In the age of AI, Nicholas is eager to explore its applications in language education while teaching EAP to undergraduate students alongside. His academic interests include digital/ AI literacy acquisition and computer-assisted language learning.
[25 Jan, 1, 8 & 15 Feb 2024] Teaching and Learning with Multimedia Communications

Teaching and Learning with Multimedia Communications

Teaching and Learning with Multimedia Communications

This training program consists of four workshops, specifically designed to enhance learners’ skills in multimedia communication for teaching and learning. By attending these workshops, learners will gain valuable hands-on experience utilizing tools that enable them to create engaging and visually appealing educational content as well as support their students in expressing their understanding beyond traditional text-based responses.

25 January 2024
Image and visual object design via Adobe Express

  • Photo basic editing
  • Visual object design (flyers, menu, newsletter, brochures)
  • Generative AI (text-to-visual, text-to-image, generative fill)

1 February 2024
Video design via Adobe Express

  • Video basic editing (trim, resize, merge, crop)
  • Video clip template

8 February 2024
Narration synthesis via ElevenLab

  • Speech synthesis with artificial characters based on gender, age and genre
  • Speech synthesis with your cloned voice

15 February 2024
Interactive object design via Genially

  • Static and interactive objects
  • Templates (gamifications, interactive images, interactive guides)
  • Alternative tool: Book creator, Microsoft Sway
[22 & 29 Feb 2024] Teaching and Learning with Centralized E-learning Services

Teaching and Learning with Centralized E-learning Services

Teaching and Learning with Centralized E-learning Services

This workshop is designed to help teachers and students effectively integrate Microsoft Office 365 tools and advanced Moodle activities into their teaching and learning activities. Participants will explore various individual and group assessment methods. They will also explore response collection tools and external third-party tools to further enhance course content and interactivity.

22 February 2024
Exploring advanced Moodle activities

  • Assessment (Assignment, Quiz)
  • Group projects (Group choice, Wiki)
  • Student responses (Survey, Choice, Feedback)
  • External tools (SCROM, H5P)

29 February 2024
Learning with Microsoft Office 365

  • Collaborative learning through Word 365, PowerPoint 365, and Whiteboard
  • Expressing students’ learning through Sway
  • AI assistance through Microsoft 365 Copilot

For information, please contact:
Ms. Kylie Leung, TALIC
Phone: 3917 8996; Email: kyliekyl@hku.hk