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Sunday 19 May 2024
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Students as Partners: Community of Practice Seminar

Students as Partners: Community of Practice Seminar
Organised by Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre (TALIC), and Faculty of Dentistry

This is a joint seminar series by two UGC-funded projects, Co-Creating the Future of Education and Students as Partners Community of Practice. In the seminars, HKU colleagues and students will share their SaP initiatives. Face-to-face personal consultation sessions will be opened for participants to meet speakers or SaP mentors to talk about SaP project ideas. All are welcome!

[13 Nov 2023 | 12:30pm - 1:30pm] Seminar 1
Seminar 1

Date : 13 Nov 2023 (Mon)
Time : 12:30pm – 1:30pm
*Notes: Speakers will arrive at the venue early (at around 11:30am) to meet colleagues for SaP project consultation. Participants could reserve a seat for consultation in registration.
Venue : Learning Lab (RRS 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus, HKU)
Speakers (in presenting order) :

  • Dr. Matthias Buehlmaier, Principal Lecturer in Finance and the BBA(IBGM), Programme Director, HKU Business School
  • Ms. Anita Mordeglia, 3rd year IBGM student, HKU Business School
  • Ms. Charlotte Wong, 4th-year IBGM & Finance student, HKU Business School
  • Mr. Sung Ho Chu, 4th-year IBGM, Finance & Computer Science student, HKU Business School
  • Ms. Suyeon Jung, 4th-year IBGM student, HKU Business School
  • Mr. Nikolas Ettel, Lecturer, Faculty of Architecture
  • Mr. Vishvajith Peiris, Ph.D. candidate, Faculty of Architecture
  • Ms. Ophelia Ng, 6th-year BDS student, Faculty of Dentistry

Facilitator : Prof. Michael Botelho, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Dentistry

Empowering Undergraduates: Harnessing Student Input for Program Enhancement

This presentation highlights the importance of involving students in their undergraduate program and the benefits of doing so. It discusses methods for gathering student input and feedback, successful examples of student involvement, and best practices for implementation. The goal is to inspire educators and administrators to work with students to enhance their undergraduate program.

About the speakers

Dr. Matthias Buehlmaier
Dr. Matthias Buehlmaier is a Principal Lecturer in finance at HKU Business School. He has been a Visiting Fellow at the University of Cambridge and a Visiting Scholar at the Department of Finance, Regensburg University. His interests include investment management, fintech, and AI. He has won several teaching and research awards and developed the first university course worldwide on text analytics and natural language processing in finance and fintech.
Ms. Anita Mordeglia
Ms. Anita Mordeglia is a 3rd year IBGM student with a passion for environmental sustainability and languages. In fact, her second major is Spanish. At HKU, she is a junior associate of the IBGM Field Trip Department and has worked with the Business School to welcome exchange students into the university.
Ms. Charlotte Wong
Ms. Charlotte Wong is currently in her final year at The University of Hong Kong, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in IBGM and Finance. As the head of the Career and Alumni Relations Department, she has collaborated with professionals in diverse industries and guided her team in organizing career talks for students. Charlotte is enthusiastic about conducting research on ESG investing and is actively seeking graduate opportunities in ESG analytics.
Mr. Sung Ho Chu
Mr. Sung Ho Chu is a 4th-year student currently studying International Business and Global Management, with a second major in finance and a minor in computer science. Most recently, he has come back from an exchange in Canada at UBC. Prior to coming to HKU, he lived in Melbourne. He is currently the co-head of the enrichment department where he supports various student events and other initiatives that focus on improving the experience of IBGMers.
Ms. Suyeon Jung
Ms. Suyeon Jung is a 4th-year student who embodies a motivation to acquire new knowledge and establish connections with diverse individuals. Consequently, she has actively participated in a wide range of societies, including consulting, case cracking, fashion design, the tennis team, and several others. Suyeon anticipates the opportunity to elaborate on her role and enthusiasm within the IBGM publicity department.

Student Mentor Platforms @ the Faculty Interdisciplinary Courses

The Faculty Interdisciplinary Courses (FICs) are a year-long initiative for all First-year undergraduate students of the Faculty of Architecture (FoA).

Both courses are structured around collaborative thinking and offer a unique approach to learning as they are designed and taught by the Dean, Department Heads, and senior teachers spanning all four departments. The goal is to develop shared interests and appreciation that help to form long-lasting, cross-disciplinary friendships for students’ future careers. In both courses, we are employing two levels of mentoring platforms – most notably the FICs UGRM Programme (Undergraduate Research Mentor Programme).

The first level of mentoring is provided by our Student Teaching Assistants (STAs) in common, small-sized tutorial groups, who are running weekly for our 180+ students. The second level of mentoring is provided by our FICs UGRM Programme (Undergraduate Research Mentor Programme). In this programme, we use the experience and knowledge of our PhD students from various years to act as Research Mentors for our First-Year students. They mentor groups of mixed-disciplinary students to understand, work, and excel on our course assessments.

About the speakers

Mr. Nikolas Ettel
Nikolas is an intermedia researcher and Lecturer in HKU’s Division of Landscape Architecture. Nikolas is a Dr.techn. Candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, where his on-going dissertation ‘The Architectural Parallels’ explores film as analytical practice. His current research is shared in a TEDx talk (HKU, 2021), and has been exhibited and published internationally including Dezeen, South China Morning Post, Der Standard, et.al. Nik’s latest exhibition Alleys in Wonderland (PMQ, 2019 + City Gallery, 2021), a Design Trust Seed Grant awarded VR-project about the Greater Bay Area’s creative back alley occupations, was displayed at the Hong Kong Pavilion for the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale 2021.
Mr. Vishvajith Peiris
Vishvajith is a Ph.D. candidate and tutor at the Department of Urban Planning and Design at HKU. He is a lecturer from the University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka, and an urban planner by profession prior to joining academia. Vishvajith followed teacher training courses both from Sri Lanka and HKU. At HKU, he engaged in teaching postgraduate courses and common core courses while working as a research mentor for the Faculty Interdisciplinary course.

BDS wellbeing survey and action planning

Student wellbeing is a critical issue across all levels of education and society and in particular in high-stress courses like dentistry. To address this, a student was contacted by a member of staff and a small team of dedicated students performed a literature review, student faculty survey, analysis of findings, and writing up along with the creation of a clinical orientation guide for new clinical students in the Faculty of Dentistry. This project will be presented by students on its scope and impact.

About the speaker

Ms. Ophelia Ng
Ms. Ophelia Ng is a 6th-year BDS student at the Faculty of Dentistry.
[7 Dec 2023 | 12:30pm - 1:30pm] Seminar 2
Seminar 2

Date : 7 Dec 2023 (Thu)
Time : 12:30pm – 1:30pm
*Notes: A coffee meet-up will be organised after the seminar. SaP mentors and speakers are keen to meet colleagues for SaP project consultation. Participants can reserve a seat for consultation during registration.
Venue : Learning Lab (RRS 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus, HKU)
Speakers :

  • Dr. Ka-fu Wong, Principal Lecturer in Economics, HKU Business School
  • Ms. Stephanie Biedermann, Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law
  • Ms. Isabella Liu, Lecturer, Faculty of Law
  • Mr. Law Cheuk Heng, 2nd Year BSocSc (GL)&LLB student, Faculty of Law
  • Mr. Lee Ka Hei, 2nd Year BBA(Law)&LLB student, Faculty of Law
  • Mr. Steve Gaultney, Managing Director of the Faith and Global Engagement (FGE) programme in HKU, HKU Lead For Life
  • Mr. Justin Lau, French and Sociology student, Faculty of Arts
  • Mr. Trey Whitfield, BBA(IBGM)&Counselling student, HKU Business School
  • Ms. Edrian Liu, 3rd Year BSocSc Student, Faculty of Social Science

Facilitator : Prof. Michael Botelho, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Dentistry

Seminar Rundown
This is a mixed session with the first hour dedicated to a 1- hour consultation period, followed by three speakers presenting their SaP initiatives.

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm SaP Presentation
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Mentor Consultation

The benefit and cost of recruiting undergraduate students as teaching assistants for Introductory Microeconomics

For many years, we have hired undergraduate students as teaching assistants to help teach Introductory Microeconomics. Nevertheless, it was initially difficult to persuade our colleagues to try recruiting UGTAs for our teaching. Over the years, our Intro Micro teaching team has concluded that the UGTAs contribute at least as much as, if not more than, our full-time TAs in our teaching and learning. UGTAs themselves benefit much from the job too. It looks like that it is a win-win arrangement. But, if it were so good, why wouldn’t all colleagues use UGTAs? In the talk, I will share why we should consider recruiting UGTAs to help with our teaching, the costs involved in doing so, and the strategy we adopted to reduce at least some of the costs.

About the speaker

Dr. Ka-fu Wong
Dr. Ka-fu Wong has been teaching at the university for over 20 years and has explored various pedagogies. He’s published 29 teaching cases and was an early adopter of Moodle and online lecture sharing. He started using UGTAs in 2015 and developed personalized exam papers and a Virtual Research Learning Centre. He maintains a teaching journal on his personal webpage to share his thoughts with students.

Developing the Rule of Law Education Project (ROLE) with law students in Hong Kong secondary schools

ROLE trains law students to present legal concepts to different stakeholders in Hong Kong. Law students participate in practical teaching workshops, use what they have learned to design teaching materials for a specific non-legal audience, then conduct a seminar or workshop in a variety of formats and locations. The teaching materials are also made available to the wider community through the ROLE website. In recent years, ROLE students have led mini moot court sessions, virtual talks during COVID restrictions, assemblies in primary and secondary schools, and workshops for migrant domestic workers in Hong Kong. During 2022-23, ROLE sessions reached an audience of over 2600 secondary school students in Hong Kong, and approximately 50 migrant domestic workers. ROLE students gain confidence in their legal knowledge, public speaking, and teaching abilities, and they also figure out how to effectively explain legal ideas to audiences of different backgrounds – a crucial skill for their future work as legal professionals and members of the community.

About the speakers

Ms. Stephanie Biedermann
Ms. Stephanie Biedermann is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Law and is a US-licensed lawyer. She specializes in international law, immigration, forced migration, and discrimination issues, particularly for refugees, asylum-seekers, and migrant workers. Her legal experience includes work in the US, the Middle East, and Hong Kong, with a focus on public interest law and access to justice issues.
Ms. Isabella Liu
Ms. Isabella Liu, is an MPhil and MCL graduate of The University of Hong Kong. She holds LL.B. degrees in both Chinese and English-Hong Kong Laws. She is the Co-Director of the Master of Common Law programme. She also works in the Rule of Law Education Project (ROLE), a major KE initiative of the Law Faculty.
Mr. Law Cheuk Heng
Mr. Law Cheuk Heng, Ivan (ROLE Student Intern) is a Year 2 Bachelor of Social Sciences (Government and Laws) & Bachelor of Laws student.
Mr. Lee Ka Hei
Mr. Lee Ka Hei, Leon (ROLE Student Intern) is a Year 2 Bachelor of Business Administration (Law) and Bachelor of Laws student.

Lead for Life: Cultivating Character Leadership

Lead for Life is a four-year transformational journey designed to equip undergraduate students with the character and the skills to build flourishing communities. The programme currently involves over 500 students and 100 industry and community leaders who volunteer as mentors. The programme provides a flexible platform, which allows multilevel learning between faculty, students and industry and community leaders all learning from each other in a variety of educational and experiential settings, e.g., large lectures, group and peer mentoring, service projects and experiential outings. The presentation will give a brief overview of the programme, its aspirations and lessons learned so far.

About the speakers

Dr. Ka-fu Wong
Mr. Steve Gaultney is the Managing Director of the Faith and Global Engagement (FGE) programme in HKU’s Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences. His areas of specialty are character leadership, and faith and work. Steve helps lead HKU’s undergraduate character leadership programme, Lead for Life. Prior to joining HKU, Steve led several faith-based organizations, and served as the UK Marketing Director for the international consulting firm, which is now known as Accenture.
Mr. Justin Lau
Mr. Justin Lau is a French and Sociology student at Faculty of Arts.
Mr. Trey Whitfield
Mr. Trey Whitfield is a BBA(International Business & Global Management) & Counselling student at HKU Business School.
Ms. Edrian Liu
Ms. Edrian Liu is a 3rd Year Bachelor of Social Sciences Student at Faculty of Social Science.
[24 Jan 2024 | 12:30pm - 1:30pm] Seminar 3
Seminar 3

Date : 24 Jan 2024 (Wed)
Time : 12:30pm – 1:30pm
Venue : Learning Lab (RRS 321, 3/F, Run Run Shaw Building, Main Campus, HKU)
Speakers (in presenting order) :

  • Dr. Rachel Lui, Senior Lecturer, Assistant Dean, Faculty of Science
  • Mr. Wang Issam, Sam, 2nd year BSc(QFin) student, HKU Business School
  • Dr. Yong-Hong Kuo, Assistant Professor, Director of Teaching and Learning, Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
  • Dr. Mei Li Khong, Lecturer / Digital Education Consultant, LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU
  • Mr. Ho Ka Chun, Clement, 5th-year MBBS student, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Mr. Chan Hei Man, Winson, 4th-year MBBS student, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Ms. Lee Ka Ching, Monica, 4th-year MBBS student, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Ms. Lam Chin Yau, Viviana, 4th-year MBBS student, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Ms. Ng Tsz Ching, Alexia, 3rd-year MBBS student, LKS Faculty of Medicine
  • Mr. Wong Cheuk Lun, Ethan, 3rd-year MBBS student, LKS Faculty of Medicine

Facilitator : Prof. Michael Botelho, Clinical Professor, Faculty of Dentistry

This is a mixed session with the first hour dedicated to a 1- hour consultation period, followed by three speakers presenting their SaP initiatives.

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm SaP Presentation
1:30 pm – 2:30 pm Mentor Consultation

An 8-year Journey in Collaborating with Students in Enhancing Learning Experiences

This presentation will share the experiences and benefits gained by both senior tutors and students through the Senior Tutor Scheme in a 700-student Science Foundation Course and in a 120-student Common Core course with around 10 tutors per year. We will share the key elements of the project, including tutor training, technology use, teaching team support, and the contributions made by senior tutors in designing and facilitating tutorials both during the course and in the following implementation.

For further information, please visit: https://tl.hku.hk/2017/01/senior-tutors-scheme-in-the-faculty-of-science/

About the speakers

Dr. Rachel Lui
Dr. Rachel Lui is a Senior Lecturer and serves as an Assistant Dean in the Faculty of Science. She has actively experimented with various teaching tools such as flipped classrooms and gamification, and has received numerous Teaching Development Grants. Rachel has won multiple awards throughout her teaching career. Along with her colleagues, she received the Faculty Knowledge Exchange Award in 2014, the Faculty Award for Teaching Innovations in E-learning in 2016, and the Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence in 2021. Additionally, she received the University Outstanding Teaching Award in 2022. In 2019, she achieved the status of Senior Fellow of Advance HE (SFHEA). She is also one of the Inaugural members of the HKU Teaching & Learning Academy.
Mr. Wang Issam, Sam
Mr. Wang Issam, Sam (SCNC1111 Senior Tutor) is a Year 2 Bachelor of Science in Quantitative Finance student.

Collaborating with Student Teaching Assistants in Experiential Learning

Experiential learning has gained popularity as this hands-on approach enables students to apply theory to practice in real-world settings. Student teaching assistants can play a crucial role in facilitating experiential learning as they can offer their technical expertise, mentorship, and support to the students, significantly impacting student learning outcomes. In this talk, we will share our practice and experiences for collaborating with student teaching assistants in experiential learning.

About the speaker

Dr. Yong-Hong Kuo
Dr. Yong-Hong Kuo is Assistant Professor and Director of Teaching and Learning in the Department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Dr. Kuo is also passionate about teaching and promoting engineering and other related STEM subjects. He regularly delivers lectures and workshops on mathematical modeling to high school teachers and students in Greater China, and workshops to government departments, companies, and organizations.

Formalising Student-Educator Partnership in Curriculum and Pedagogy Co-Creation

Universities strive to enable students to become full partners in teaching and learning (T&L). However, are both students and educators equipped for this novel situation? We set in motion a move towards formalised student-educator partnership. In University of Hong Kong’s Medical Faculty (HKUMed), we successfully leveraged student-educator partnerships in co-designing curriculum/pedagogy to develop over 20 T&L innovations implemented in the formal curriculum. We will share the longstanding innovations that have powerfully engaged learning and brought about new views of T&L. This initiative has also achieved world-class standard in educational innovation, being awarded the Global Bronze Winner in QS Reimagine Education 2023.

About the speakers

Dr. Mei Li Khong
Dr. Mei Li Khong (FHEA) is the Lecturer / Digital Education Consultant at the School of Clinical Medicine and School of Biomedical Sciences at The University of Hong Kong (HKU). Her involvement at HKU has broadened to medical education more generally, ranging from transdisciplinary projects to incorporating blended learning into the medical curriculum through modified flipped classrooms, redesigned online learning environments, and optimised educational technology.
Mr. Ho Ka Chun
Mr. Ho Ka Chun, Clement is a Year 5 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student. Clement’s interest includes bridging the gap between preclinical and clinical material through cases and other problem-based activities, as well as the use of interactive technology and applets in enhancing learning.
Mr. Chan Hei Man
Mr. Chan Hei Man, Winson is a Year 4 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student. He was awarded the Bachelor of Science in Medical Education with first honours from Barts and the London, School of Medicine and Dentistry in 2023 and is an aspiring medical educator with an interest in pedagogy and inclusivity. He has led initiatives in curriculum reform and is currently supporting the education research at HKUMed.
Ms. Lee Ka Ching
Ms. Lee Ka Ching, Monica is a Year 4 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student. She is interested in sharing knowledge and learning with peers. Monica has been actively engaged as a student co-designer for years, as well as acting as mentor to peers and juniors in co-designing pedagogy and curriculum.
Ms. Lam Chin Yau
Ms. Lam Chin Yau, Viviana is a Year 4 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student. She is passionate in teaching and learning, and participates eagerly in student-educator partnerships. She enjoys pitching in on and working to improve different learning initiatives, including active learning workshops and other peer teaching efforts.
Ms. Ng Tsz Ching
Ms. Ng Tsz Ching, Alexia is a Year 3 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student. She is involved in Student-Educator Partnership Projects, as well as engages as a near-peer teacher in e-triggered Problem-based Learning (PBL) and Interprofessional Education (IPE) Programme. She is working towards international teaching fellowships, given her growing portfolio in education.
Mr. Wong Cheuk Lun
Mr. Wong Cheuk Lun, Ethan is a Year 3 Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) student. He is particularly enthusiastic in near-peer teaching and partnering with teachers, contributing to HKUMed learning environment from a student learner’s perspective. Ethan has led the design of various new learning developments in HKUMed.

For information, please contact:
Ms. Canice Mok, TALIC
Phone: 3917 6069; Email: tsmok@hku.hk